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Secondhand 2HI Non-Reversing Merchant Mill Double Repeater Type

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Endless Riveted Chrome Leather Belt for Friction Screw Press
Endless Riveted Chrome Leather Belt for Friction Screw Press

2HI Non-Reversing Merchant Mill Double Repeater Type [88097]

Make - Morgan (U.K.)
Roughing Stands of 14 each - Qty.7
Intermediate and finishing stands of 12 each - Qty.6
Product Mix - TMT bars and rods in Fe 500 and 600 Quality.
Capacity of the Mill - 1,80,000 MT per year
Year of Installation - 1960

Merchant Mill
The mill had a designed capacity of 0.15 MTPA (2 shift operation) to produce plain, rounds & rebars in straight length & coils form, angles (equal & unequal) and flats from rolled billets of sizes 57mm to 91mm

The mill having a cross-country configuration was originally equipped with a pull out roll, up & down shear, pusher type reheating furnace, thirteen horizontal mill stands, repeaters between stand no. 11 & 12 and stand no.12 & 13, two skew Y tables, one six stand block, four edges, two rotary drums shares, two cooling beds, two Q bar. shears, coilers, conveyors and twisting machines for the production of CTD bars.

Crop cum cobble shear after stand no. 7, roller guides in mill stands and TMT facilities with new rotary driving shear after stand no. 13 have been added. Before closing the mill was producing only rounds(Plain & TMT).

Major equipments of the 2HI Non-reversing Merchant Mill, Double Repeater Type

Size of the Mill
Roughing Stands of 14 each - Qty.7
Intermediate and finishing stands of 12 each - Qty.6

Furnace - Qty.1
Recuperative, Cross- Pusher type, continuous furnace
Fuel used in Furnace - C. O. gas
Capacity of the Furnace - 40 MT/hour

Number of Rolling Stands
Roughing-7 Nos. 14 Qty.13
12 Intermediate and finishing stand Qty.6

Balancing System - 300-500 P S I hydraulic oil balance

Roll Neck Bearing - Morgoil bearing for all 13 stands

Roll Neck lubrication - Oil pressure - 30-40 PSI

Mill Motor
Stand (1-9)-500 HP. 1010 rpm max.
Stand (10-12)- 600 HP, 625 rpm max.
Stand 13- 600 HP, 675 rpm max.

Pinion Housing for 13 stands - Qty.13

VFDC (prime mover)
253HP as prime mover of VFA (variable frequency Alternator), which in turn, supplies power to ROT (Run Out Table)

Electronic Control Room(ECR) - For stand Motors - 13 panels

Thyristor - Qty.10
Thyristor tanks 500 KW tank each 500 KW tank each

Control supply for 5 tanks (For stand 1-7)

Control supply for 5 tanks (For stand 8-13)

Up and Down shear
Slip ring induction motor, 40 HP 730 rpm, English Electric Company

Crop and Cobble shear
196 KW, 450 rpm made by Integrated Electronic Company

TMT Stretch
2 main TMT pumps - supply water to 3 booster pumps
TMT pumps 100 HP, 1485 rpm
Booster pump - 132 KW, 1490 rpm
TMT scale pit pumps Qty.3 20 HP, 1465 rpm each
TMT scale pit Horizontal pumps 50 HP
TMT scale pit Vertical pumps 60 HP

R.D. Shear - 2 Motors, 176 KW, 435 rpm each

Pinch roll 1 & 2 - 28 KW, 1370 rpm each

Shear Pulpit - 1 HPI, controllers- controls cooling bed operations and R.D. shear operation

Main Pulpit - 2 HPI, Control Desk Equipment Controls Mill Speed

Kick-Off - Qty.4 Motor - 7.5 HP, 1025 rpm each

Carry Over - Qty.4 Motors - 50 HP, 585 rpm each

Shuffle bar lifting lever - Qty.4 Motors - 15 HP, 800 rpm each

Shuffle bar eccentric - Qty.4 Motors - 15 HP, 800 rpm each

Run off table - Qty.4 Motors - 25 HP, 700 rpm each

QBS1, QBS2 - Qty.2 Motor operated. 2 Motors -30 HP, 980 rpm each

Back shear table - Qty.2 Motors -25 HP, 700 rpm each

Push off cycle - Qty.2 Motors 7.5 HP, 1025 rpm each

Transfer Car - Qty.2 Motors -12.5 HP, 700 rpm each

Oil cellar
5 Lubrication system A, B, C, D, E
3 Hydraulic system A, B, C

Charging & Discharging
6 Motors, Ch. Skid, Ch. R/Table, Ram charger, Cross-pusher, Furnace pull out roll

Weighing Machine - Qty.1

Overhead Cranes
One Charging crane - 15T Capacity
One Mill crane - 32T/10T Capacity
One Despatch yard crane - 16T Capacity
One Motor House crane - 15T Capacity
One Roll Shap crane - 5T Capacity
Eight cooling bed and shipping cranes - 1/1, 1/2, 2/1, 2/2, 3/1, 3/2, 4/1, 4/2- 15T Capacity

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Mill Size 40 Inches
Capacity 9,00,000 mt/yr

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