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Secondhand Section Rolling Mill Plant and Machinery with TMT provision

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Endless Riveted Chrome Leather Belt for Friction Screw Press
Endless Riveted Chrome Leather Belt for Friction Screw Press

Section Rolling Mill Plant and Machinery [88092]
For Angles, Channels, Flats, Squares, Rounds, Alloys
Provision for TMT
With or without 2.2 Acre of land

Main Shed 240’x80’approx (Girder)
Cooling Bed Shed 240’x60’approx (Angle)
Highway Side Shed 90’x40’ approx(Angle)
(G.P.+ CoalTank + Pulverisor) Shed 220’x40’approx (Angle)
Finished Goods Shed 350’x35’approx (Angle)
Workshop Shed 80’x20’approx (Angle)
Straightening Machine

3 meter Coal Gassifier
(Heating Capacity 220MT / Hour)

Roughing Mill
3Hi-14” Heavy – 3Stands (Steel Casting)
Automatic Conveyors for
Roughing Mill
Finishing Mill

Finishing Mill (D.C. Drive)
2Hi-14” – 1Stand (Steel Casting)

D.C. Motor Qty.1 650HP
A.C. Motor 1500HP
A.C. Motor 1000HP

Additional Rolling Mill 12”
4Stands (Steel Casting)

Re-heating Furnace 85’ Double Zone

Workshop Machinery
Lathes - Qty.6
Shaper - Qty.1
Drill - Qty.1
Heavy Welding Sets - Qty.7
Gas Cutters Welding Sets
Air Compressor (Elgi)
Hand Tools, Grinders etc.

Spare Rolls for all stands
Pinch Rolls etc.

Mobile Crane 12MT (ACE)
Overhead Crane 5MT (AVON)
1.5MT Workshop Crane

Heavy and Light Shear M/c - Qty.3
Swing Shearing
Snap Shearing

Weighbridge 100MT (AVERY)
Small Weighing Scales

Calibration Weights 4MT

U.T.M. + Lab

Water Complex + Pipeline etc.
Water Pipes
Submersible Pumps
Borings etc.

Stores and Spares

Water Tanks
Trenches (Water + Electric)

Cooling Bed made of Channels

Buildings with Office Block
Staff Room
Labour Residence Rooms (2 Floors)
Laboratory Building (3 Floors)
Store Rooms
Foreman Room
Wash Room Block
Elec. Meter Room
D.C. Panel Room
Guard Room etc.

Office Equipments & Furniture
Dot Matrix and Laser Printer
EPBAX systems

Independent Feeder Electric Line from Power House to Factory + 3 V.C.B etc.

Transformer 2500KVA
APFC Panel
Main Distribution Panel
MCC Panels

Furnace Oil Firing Equipments
F.O. Oil Tank 65000L
F.O. Day Tank
Pumps etc.
Furnace Oil Fired Testing Furnace

Fire Control Equipments

R.O. Water Plant of 1000Litre /Hr Capacity
Water Softener Plant of 35000Litre Capacity
Coal Pulverizers Plant & Spares
Other Water and Sewage Pumps and motors

CCTV Surveillance System with Airtel Wireless Transmission Tower and Antenna

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